Publishers Weekly: Battle Cry

I love to google THE LAST GOOD WAR: THE FACES AND VOICES OF WWII, to see where it pops up as we get closer to the book release. I found this on Publishers Weekly, the article is about up and coming WWII books for the 2010 fall release. It is titled "Battle Cry," by Natalie Danford.

Portraits of War

In October, Welcome Books will publish The Last Good War: The Faces and Voices of World War II, a collection of more than 150 b&w photographs of veterans and text of their recollections. Thomas Sanders, the photographer behind the project, was only in his 20s when he began creating the work.

Publisher Lena Tabori recalls, "It came in last summer as an unsolicited package of photographs—filled with incredible faces. We were fascinated by the idea that a young man had immersed himself, for almost two years, shooting and listening to WWII vets." The house then introduced the photographer to StoryCorps interviewer Veronica Kavass, who handled the text.

Although WWII ended 55 years ago, Tabori says this look at its veterans is of special importance today: "This is a story of a country united being published at a time when that same country is so profoundly divided. We are losing these veterans every day. It is critical to hear their stories and understand how to come together again."