Jazz: Clint Stacy and Bobby Brown

I have begun a series photographing older black jazz musicians. I have only photographed a few and there will be more to come.

The first musician is Bobby Brown. I took this photo of Bobby a few weeks ago. I spoke to him recently to make sure he received the photos I had sent him. He told me he got sick and has had to stop playing the saxophone and now has an oxygen tank to help him breathe. Bobby has been playing the sax for 65 years. I sincerely hope he gets better.

Bobby Brown gave me contact information for other jazz musicians. Clint Stacy was one of them. Clint played a jazz CD for me in his van. He drives around in his van listening to instrumental jazz music, and practices singing his lyrics. There was some type of irony for me, standing outside of his van, while he sat inside of the van. The music was cranked loud, and Clint's stage performance was even impressive sitting in his car seat. Even though it was 3 pm and hot as the devil in not the nicest of neighborhoods off the 10 freeway, when he sang the word "moon" he we would look and point at the sky as if the biggest moon you ever saw was 10 feet away. When Clint sang the word "love" he grasped his heart and looked out in the distance, and you would think he was looking at the most beautiful woman to ever live. Yet, there was a empty Burger King cup sitting in the cup holder, and the van had scattered goods all over the backseats. Clint was singing jazz sitting in his van in the driveway, and I was his audience.

I photographed a few images of him singing in the van. Although, I do not think these are necessarily great photos, I want you to see his facial expressions.