Welcoming the New Year...

Well here is 2011. The Last Good War has almost sold out of its first print run. Which is exciting news. Most photo documentary books only sell a third to a half of its first print run after release.

I did not get to shoot very much while I was on the book tour for a month and a half. I am exuberant about my future photo shoots in 2011. I have a new project lined up that is going to allow me to travel around the country once again, but I am keeping it a secret for now.

I promise I will do more blogs this year. Having a blog for me is rewarding in the sense that I have to take time out to reflect about my photography work. The Artists Way is a self help book for artists. The book offers numerous possibilities on helping artists grow and achieve their goals. The author has homework for the artist. One of the assignments is to write three pages every morning and everyday of whatever is on the artists mind. This helps for reflection and to clear the mind before the day starts.

Please enjoy several images from my most recent photo shoot with Southbay Fit Magazine.