Sonoma Vineyards!

My office for two days last week was to photograph vineyards up in Sonoma. Besides being in the serenity of the outdoors, it is a nice change not to be photographing people and simply working with old mother nature.

I realize how hard it is to make a truly great landscape photograph. I must have taken over a thousand photos and was satisfied from an artistic stand point with only a handful of landscapes.

Growing up in Northern California and then moving away, I seem to appreciate the beauty more and more every time I go back to Sonoma. The beauty of the outdoors in Northern California is more tangible then in southern California. Don't get me wrong. I love living here. This past Sunday, the water was warm enough that I jumped in the big blue without a wetsuit with my fiance Allison. There is nothing better then swimming in the ocean. Come to think of it, there is tangible beauty in southern California. A lot of it. Two very different types of mother nature in two different places. Both locations warmed my soul.

I will have more work photographing vineyards in the near future, please enjoy these photos for now!