WWII QUOTE OF THE DAY: Willis Loehr, Col., ret., U. S. Air Force

I have roughly 500 WWII veterans that I have photographed and I figure why not share their WWII stories instead of just sitting on my computer. Yes, their stories have been shared in my book (THE LAST GOOD WAR: THE FACES AND VOICE OF WWII). There are also a lot WWII veterans that did not make it into my book:
Willis Loehr, Col., ret., U. S. Air Force
Col. Loehr was an Air Force pilot with 30 years of distinguished service. Among his experiences was a mid-air collision with a German plane that sheared the left wing off of his airplane.  He was forced to bail out at 300 mph with a damaged chute. 
“Now the canopy opens and the seat propels you clear of the plane.  Back then you had to climb over the side.  You just hoped you wouldn’t hit the plane. I hit the tail.”