Louie Zamperini

I keep finding my portrait that I took of Louie Zamperini on different websites without my permission. This is stealing my copyrighted image. Companies and blogs can purchase this photo from me or other images I have taken of Zamperini for a usage fee.

This autograph photo EBAY seller below says:

"I am selling my signed Louis Zamperini 4x6 photograph.  Zamperini is a former Olympic long distance runner (1936 Olympics) and WW II Prisoner of War.  Zamperini's B-24 went down and he was rescued by the Japanese Navy after 47 days adrift in the ocean.  He was held and abused by the Japanese through out the war until his release.  A film is currently being developed based on his life story.  I am selling multiple signed photographs of this shot.  You will receive one as good/better then the one listed.  I have been collecting for over 15 years and only sale AUTHENTIC HAND SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS, NO REPRINTS OR PHOTOCOPIES....Midwestern Autographs"

This is total B.S. I do not know who this guy is and I would not give him my portrait of Zamperini to sell. I doubt Louie even signed this.  4"x6"'s were never even printed of this photograph.