WWII Veterans Photography Book (Random House) and Project

I have started traveling to 20 locations around the country through Belmont Village to photograph our remaining WWII veterans. I started this project when I was 21 years-old at Cal Poly SLO and the series took on a life of its own being published as a book with Random House/Rizzoli and has exhibited at 20 permanent locations around the country. I have been photographing veterans now for almost ten years! The series is about preserving and honoring our WWII heritage. My grandfather Willis Sanders stormed the beaches of Normandy on day three of the invasion and his brother Robert Sanders (who my dad was named after), died in the Battle of Bulge. The back cover of my book is made up of a grid of about 20 veterans. All of them have passed away. In the next 5 years, there will be very few WWII veterans. It is important we honor them. Here are some of my new portraits!