For someone like myself who's only association with professional car racing is drinking beer and getting sun burned while wearing a tank top watching cars drive in boring endless circles, I have to admit my world has been opened to a culture I now appreciate since photographing professional race car drivers. Michael Wheldon seen below told me heavier set race car drivers do not perform as well because they take up too much space in the cockpit (not sure if cockpit is the right terminology) of the car and can't maneuver as well someone more fit. I had know clue there was athleticism related to car racing.  



And Sabrina Pecora is a role model and inspiration to women as a professional drag racer in a male dominated sport. Sabrina Pecora is a registered nurse that works in an emergency room in Napa, California. Pecora began racing when she was in high school running sport drags with her restored 1970 C 10 Pickup and has been racing ever since. Sabrina races about every other weekend throughout the year.