Sports Apparel Photographer

Here is a recent photo shoot I did of Ahimsa Hodari fitness trainer and former collegiate Stanford track star. I photographer her in a few different styles as I want to capture her both in action and in the greek sculpture style. 

UFC Fighters

I photographed a bunch of pro and amateur fighters for a fighting gym over the weekend. I have been loving using my strobe light projector casting intense textures and shapes on to my subjects to add another level of energy. @superjjambrose thanks man! #MMA #ufc @ufc @ufc_official_page #hex @hexfs @mmatalk #fighters #colorphotography


MMA Fighter JJ Ambrose

I had a photo shoot with MMA Fighter JJ Ambrose yesterday. I was telling JJ how hard it is when I travel on photo shoots to eat a healthy meal (for example when I was in Atlanta, GA last year, I could not pass up deep fried chicken pot pie) and he said he faces the same challenges. He told me when he traveled to India for a fight, each day he only ate a whole chicken and a cup of coffee in order to stay healthy. I wish I had that kind of obedience when it comes to food especially now that I am a new dad and need to work on my "Dad Bod." 

Sports Apparel Photography

My latest WWII Veteran portrait series consists of layering historical imagery into the photograph to tell a deeper story to the viewer. I want to push the layering style in my younger model photo shoots but rely on a layering more "in camera" and less in post production. Here is body builder Ryder Gordon I photographed recently with a layering of a star I created with my strobe lights. I have to find the right 35MM camera slide or print a slide on clear paper and then add put the slide into my strobe to create the shape or image. In these photographs I projected a very simple yet powerful star to create a moody and slightly mysterious setting of an athlete.